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Your Credo


You have taken the first step in 
changing your life! 

The Jewels In Your Crown


YOUR CREDO is the individual and collective beliefs that rule your life.


At any given moment you are living your credo which is the core of your belief system.


As the Jewels in Your Crown the CREDO program will guide you in:


  • Identifying the jewels you want to use in building your crown.

  • Let each jewel represent a belief.

  • Wear your crown with poise, courage and confidence.


WHAT YOU BELIEVE.   As spiritual three dimensional beings functioning with a Mind, Body, Spirit, we must work through the mind to develop the right thoughts and beliefs to manifest the right outer conditions in our lives.


CHANGE YOUR THOUGHT, BELIEF SYSTEM and you will change your life. Live a balanced life by establishing a belief system of harmony, love, peace, prosperity and success.


BUILD your FAITH Statement or CREDO

  • what you believe

  • on the thoughts and beliefs you want to govern and rule your life.


YOUR CREDO will answer questions of who you are; what experiences influence your life; what is important to you; the spiritual and other guiding lights and principles that govern and guide your life; what is truth for you; what lessons life has taught you.


YOUR CLAIM. You are of royal lineage, a child of the King of the Universe. Claim this royal heritage as exampled by your elder brother and Way Shower.


You have GOD DNA, you are a child of

God so live your AUTHENTIC life.


CREDOS are given you to use to develop the different areas of your life, health, love, accomplishment riches and success. Use them until you develop your own CROWN of thoughts and beliefs your Jewels.


This requires



Ponder the words and contemplate the meaning of each credo. The credos are written in the format to facilitate easy memory, memorize them for easy recall and quicker transformation. Let them become your mantra, reprogramming and transforming your mind.


Constant repetition of the CREDOS will impact you until you become embodied in the consciousness of the truths they represent.


This will bring about transformation in you and in all areas and conditions of your life.




The credos are available in full color print and poster format 


Get Them NOW!