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To Manifest Your Destiny

Credo Your credo is your crown and the beliefs

in your credo are the jewels in your crown.

Your credo is the sum total of the beliefs

that influence your life as you walk them,

talk them and live them.


What jewels will you choose for your crown?


You are of royal lineage,

a child of the King of the Universe.

Claim this royal heritage as exampled

by your elder brother and Way Shower, did He not say,

“My kingdom is not of this world.”


Add the jewels you want to your crown and live your credo

as a Divine being, a child of the universe,

crowned and empowered by the Most High.



The Jewels In Your Crown


CREDO is Latin for “I Believe.”


It is a statement of belief that dates back to the Nicene Creed

formulated AD 325.

All major religious faiths adopt a credo / creed

as their statement of faith.

Your credo will answer questions of who you are; the experiences that influence who you are; what is important to you; the spiritual and other guiding beliefs and principles that govern and guide your life; what is truth for you, what lessons life has taught you; what are your desires for your future and how do you want to contribute to life.

Our beliefs rule our life as they become etched in the fabric of our being.   So then it goes without saying that we all have a “Credo,” comprised of our individual and collective beliefs.   At any given moment we are living our beliefs or credo.   As three dimensional beings functioning with a mind, body, spirit, we know the importance of developing the mind to have the right thoughts and beliefs that will manifest the right outcomes in our lives. 

Your life experiences form the basis for ‘your truth’, that is, what is true for you. Your reflection and integration of your experiences in your life determine the quality of your life. If your experiences are positive then the quality of your life will depict that, likewise if your experiences are negative, your life will present negative conditions.


We walk, talk and present that which we know, hence it is vitally important that we know ourselves, individually.

Knowing that our credo is the core of our belief system, the vital question then becomes, “What do you believe?”


A belief system that acknowledges the importance of the mind, body and spirit to the human entity, will impact the quality of life.


Change your thought, belief system, and you will change your life. To live a balanced life, fulfilling our dreams and desires in harmony with family, friends and community, we must establish a belief system to live by.   This belief system will dictate the thoughts and actions that will influence our life.   We can call this our faith statement, faith meaning what I believe. In the mind, body, spirit connection, it will definitely include elements pertaining to all three dimensions. If we want the highest and the best conditions in our life, our belief must depict this in our credo of faith statement.


F-E-E-L the conditions you wish to realize in your life.  Live and act on the feeling and you will have miraculous outcomes.   Ponder and feel the thoughts expressed in Credo for Riches and Honor, until the ones personal to you, impress your subconscious mind and bring about transformation in your life.   Do this repeatedly and you are guaranteed the results you want in your life.  It is that simple, this is why Credo for Riches and Honor has been so effective for so many.  


Prove it for yourself; what do you have to lose but unfulfilled dreams. 

By now we know that we did not breathe the breathof life into our own being. The impetus to walk was implanted in our DNA, not by us. We did not create the organism we call the human body with all its organs, systems, structures, limbs and mechanisms for hearing, speaking, smelling, learning and touch, to name a few. This leads to the question of who did, which ultimately leads us to accept the belief that a Super Mind created us and the universe that nurtures, supports, provides and supplies our every need.


In Christian terms we call this entity God, Spirit, Father, Higher Power, every religion has its own Deity with its own name.


“The spirit gives life.”




Spirituality or religion is very personal.   It is a way of thinking and believing that dominates every pattern of thought to impact and reflect in every action.

Our core beliefs should be embedded in our relationship to the Divine,

we should love Him.    The next step should be, as taught to us again

by the Master Teacher, to love our neighbor as we love our self.

This requires an understanding of our relationship with our God,

our fellow man and our world.   This relationship should be spiritually,

intellectually and emotionally sound.   Attainment of this level of

consciousness will take time and dedication to acquire.

The time for you is now!


If not now, when?


End procrastination, do it now!

If we are to live authentic lives, we must recognize the spiritual component of our being and the existence of a Spiritual influence in our lives.


Here, it is important to point out that religious affiliations give way to religious beliefs formulated by the religious organization.


Spiritual belief is based, not on religion, but rather in the belief of a Universal Presence and Power.


We can have both a spiritual belief and a religious affiliation with its given beliefs, sometimes this breeds conflict and other times they can work in unity.

“As you believe,
it is done
unto you”


“As you believe, it is done unto you,”

said the Master Teacher Jesus Christ.


He had faith and believed in “The Father within me,” to whom He gave all the credit for his marvelous works. Yes, having faith and belief can greatly impact all areas of your life and experiences. It must be pointed out that just going through the motions of saying one is spiritual or religious , does not necessarily make one so.  


It takes, practice, diligence and real “discipleship” to acquire the tenets of spiritual and religious adherence.

To live your credo is not as simple as make believe; putting on a cloak at will; indulging in conversation; or taking part in socially or community / religious acceptable activities.  It requires a genuine way of life embodiment that will impact and influence everything you do.   It becomes who you are in actuality, not who you profess to be.    Who and what we are flow from a consciousness of what we consistently think, believe and place our faith in. To live an authentic and satisfying life requires a sound mind, body and spirit; based in the Truth of who we are, with the spiritual and intellectual programming that will bring about the right results.  


This requires practice, dedication and commitment.



The following credos are the results of decades of study to formulate theright spiritual, intellectual and mental/emotional tenets to build the right consciousness, to impact the various areas of life.


They are presented here to help you, until you acquire the knowledge and information necessary to define and develop your credo to live by.


  • Credo of Health

  • Credo of Love

  • Credo of Accomplishment

  • Credo of Riches and Honor

  • I am God’s Power Outlet


May your life be blessed and may you become a blessing to others, as you live your authentic, true self. Your individualized self made in the image and likeness of God and as such, an offspring of the Divine; God individualized in you, here to manifest and express God activity; God’s goodness.