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"I met Phyllis about 15-years ago at Unity Center of Miami where she headed the Prayer Ministry.  I quickly came to recognize her strong faith and deep commitment to living a God centered life.   She is a lifelong Truth practitioner who radiates love to everyone as she shares her spiritual gifts through counseling, praying, speaking engagements, seminars as well as her tapes, writings and other spiritual materials.   She is a comforter, leader and master teacher who walks her talk and lives her Truth.    During a health challenge I experienced a few years ago, I reached out to Phyllis asking that she hold me in prayer as I knew, without a doubt, that her prayer would be powerful, and indeed it was.   I regained my health and carry her prayer with me to this day.  It has touched me in a profound way.  I am very blessed, in a large part to Phyllis."

Margaret G. Morgantown, WV

Pura Oakley-Bonitto, Miami, FL

"For over 20-years I have known Phyllis as a highly spiritual person immersed in the mind/body/spirit concept of life that she exemplifies.   She has always expressed her spiritual gifts in counseling, teaching, workshops, prayer service, social service, books, and other printed and audio recordings.   She is the go to person in times of challenge and crisis.   She is deserving of high praise.  She continues to climb upward in

spiritual realms."

SLAVE or MASTER, which?


Your answer will depend on the state of your mind at this moment,

as long as you are being honest with yourself.


The quality of your life is in your own hands, right this moment.  You see,

your Mind is the master key to achieving  your life’s dreams, controlling your life

and manifesting  all the dreams and desires  you want  in your life. 

You decide to become a magnet for the good you want by magnetizing your mind

with a loaded quotient for health, wealth, love, peace, happiness, prosperity


Use the “MIRACLE SuperMIND DIET MANIFESTATION FORMULA for guaranteed transformation and manifestation.  Begin the transformation of your life right now by reprogramming  your mind witha diet of  time tested positive, uplifting thoughts, beliefs, images, attitudes and emotions that will surely out picture  good in your life ,

tomorrow is promised to no man.GIN NOW,





Don’t wait for tomorrow, tomorrow is promised to no man.




  • The Miracle SuperMIND Diet Manifestation Formula

  • The SuperMIND Menu Program

  • Tools to identify and assess the toxic impediments that are blocking you, stifling your growth and success.

  • Strategy to eradicate negative thought and belief patterns and reprogram your mind with the Daily Diets and Daily Menus that guarantee health, wealth, happiness and success; imprinting your Soul, life and affairs with the peace, joy, success and  fulfillment you dream of. 

Control your

Mind and you will

control your Destiny?

Change your thinking and you change your life.   A poor hungry beggar needs food to feed his immediate hunger, but over time, with support and training, this beggar can be taught to use the knowledge of his mind, and skills of his hands, to fish to become self sufficient providing his own food instead of being at the mercy of others. 


Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.  We clothe and feed our bodies, lives and the conditions of life with the thoughts we hold in our Just look and listen to most of the sick and under privileged, not only do you see their conditions but you hear and sometimes feel them as well.   So then, to improve our selves and the conditions of our life we must first improve our thoughts and words to improve our actions and impact the state of our affairs.    From Slave to Master.   To transform your life and the conditions of your life you must become a master in control of the outer conditions of your life, in comparison to being a slave allowing the external situations to control you.    To fulfill your dreams and desires you must engage the tools of the mind to have mental transformation.   Your DAILY SuperMIND DIET must consist of a daily menu (SuperMIND MENU) of positive, uplifting, transforming, thoughts, beliefs, images, feelings, emotions, attitudes, people and things that will support the manifestation of your dreams and desires. 

Feed the body a diet of junk food and you are more likely obese or will become obese with a lot of health problems. 


In the same way, feed your mind with the quality thoughts and beliefs you want to out-picture in your life and affairs.   “Thoughts are Things,” change your thoughts and you will change your life and the conditions of your life.   Create daily SuperMIND Diets and weekly SuperMIND Menus that will guarantee an outer demonstration of health, wealth, love, peace, happiness, prosperity, success and all the good you want in your life. 

Most of the great master accomplishers of past and present, support and present the mind as the master tool to life and life’s accomplishments.  Emerson, Einstein, Edison, Napoleon Hill, Neville, Charles Fillmore, Ernest Holmes, Wayne Dyer, most had humble beginnings but left indelible trails for mankind by their accomplishments through the development of their minds. 


Yes, those who have mastered their lives, manifesting their dreams and desires, employ the greatness of the mind as the master tool.   The opposite is true for those living in slave conditions of poverty, lack, want, limitation, fear, sickness.   We cannot have healthy, strong, vibrant bodies if our daily diet consists of an array of junk foods.  Likewise we cannot have positive, accomplished, successful lives if we feed our minds on the negative moaning, groaning, complaining, down trodden view of life.  What we put in the body comes out, so too the thoughts, beliefs and images we put in our mind manifest on the outside.


OVERCOMING MODERN DAY SLAVERY.  Today’s society is enslaved by

anxiety, stress, fear, too much to do and not enough time, the internet, credit cards, debts, acquiring and hoarding too much stuff  to list a few things.  


Humankind’s greatest gift is the MIND –the ability to use our mind,  to think and follow through with actions.   Life must become a daily joyous challenge, no matter how simple or complicated.   You must think of yourself in a manner that maintains a mental picture of the best possible experiences and outcomes you desire.   To be influential, start by influencing yourself in the right direction with optimistic thoughts, images, words and actions.    Your mind diet and mind menu must consist of the thoughts, images and emotions that give you a positive motive for living.  

Begin now to impact and change your life to live the good life, the life of your dreams.  

You and you alone can begin the process of transformation for you,


Don’t delay.


The sooner you face your life and conditions, the sooner you will

experience positive change and fulfillment. 


Begin your SuperMIND Rx Diet and your Daily SuperMIND MENU regimen



Don’t put it off.  


Tell yourself, “I can do this;

I want to make positive changes in my life.” 

Desire and Commitment will begin the process for you.  Compile a list of thoughts, beliefs, words and conditions for each day that you want to out picture in your life and commit to spending the day focused on your list.  You might needto eradicate certain thoughts, words or perceptions from your life such as fear, worry, anxiety, anger and replace them with their opposites, such as fear / trust, worry / calm, anxiety / peace, anger / love.  Stick to your daily menu by spending each day eliminating and replacing from your list the thoughts, words, beliefs and feelings you no longer want in your life with those you want.  Tell yourself, “Today I begin anew, I am creating my new life.”    



The 7-Day SuperMIND Menu Program was developed to help make it easier for you to follow and to experience faster and more lasting transformations.   Think strong, be strong; think big, achieve big.  The mental thoughts held in the mind are real and held jointly with the soul substance become a power force that cannot be denied or broken.  Project powerful thought images with powerful words and feelings and you will have powerful manifestations.


Send resounding messages to the mind and body such as “I believe I can; I know I will achieve my dreams.”   Move beyond the perceptual to the conceptual – see yourself as a landlord not a tenant, as a master not a slave..   THE MIRACLE SuperMIND DIET MANIFESTATION FORMULA


To manifest your dreams you must first have a strong, clear desire, which you will clarify in depth.  The Miracle SuperMIND Diet Manifestation Formula gives you the five (5) main aspects of manifestation that when adhered to will produce magic for you bringing you your desired results. 


The Miracle SuperMIND Diet Manifestation Formula is tested and proven to work.  It works, but you must work it.  Begin now to put it to work for you.  If not now when - Now is all the time there is, tomorrow is promised to no one. 


Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.    As you go forth in the manifestation of your dreams, what thoughts are you thinking, what words are you speaking?  What are you feeding your mind?   The words you speak denote the thoughts you are thinking which will influence the actions you take.  Are you reverting to your security blankets of procrastination, frustration, anger, fear?    What do the words you are speaking say to you about you?   Are they fueling old coping patterns such as drinking, swearing, drugs, feigned illnesses?  If any of these things happen, and they might, use them as red flags to help you get back on course, get back on your SuperMIND Diets to again reprogram your mind with the right SuperMINDMenu of beliefs, thoughts, words, emotions, feelings, attitudes, perceptions and actions.


Return to your Daily SuperMIND MENU plan to eradicate and reprogram the mind.   Practice makes perfect, repetition is the answer to achievement, you and you alone can do this for yourself, to achieve your transformation from slavery to mastery over your life and the conditions of your life.  Begin the journey now, soaring upward to the realization and manifestation of your dreams and desires, living the  life of happiness, fulfillment, success and prosperity you have dreamed of, for yourself, your family,  your community and your world.   Begin today, don’t delay.  If not now when… DO IT NOW.




An eagle soars upward, in its DNA it is not programmed to wallow in the mud like a duck.  Likewise, the duck is not programmed to soar to the heights of mountains.   The eagle is viewed as a symbol of power, strength and invincible courage.  What differentiate the eagle from the duck are their inborn traits or programming.   In human terms we can say the mind of the eagle is wired to soar to higher mountainous climbs while the duck is set for the lowlands.


THE LOWLAND OR THE MOUNTAINTOP, which will it be for you, the choice is yours.  In the lowlands the mindset is that of the duck.  As you look at and listen to those who are considered to be the lower masses, living in the ghettos, their condition is seen, heard and felt.   Their stare is usually downcast, their language laced with, “I don’t know, I can’t do, I can’t afford, I didn’t go to school- don’t have any education, I don’t have anyone to help me.”   The body language and

attitude begs for self pity, or perhaps a hand out.  The complaining is unending, the frustration, anger and self pity harrowing.  And, yes, they are given handouts, pity mockery and even scorn.  What they are not given is the one thing that would change their life forever – a program to develop their mind.  Sending one to school to get a GED is quite different from offering one a course to develop the mind, to understand and use it to alter the course of  life.   Real change is initiated from within, reaction comes from the outside, reacting to outer conditions and situations breeds confusion and frustration, not meaningful change. 


UNSHACKLE YOUR MIND.   Break the chains of limitation. Roll away the stones which  entomb you in lack, poverty, limitation, frustration and the merry-go-round of disappointments.    The mountaintop mindset is distinctly different from the lowland.  Living with a mountaintop consciousness you have dreams and visions to accomplish.  In this

consciousness there is a feeling of hope; goals and dreams to fulfill; the language is more positive, “I know I can, I will accomplish my dream, I am going back to school to learn the skills that will help me.”   In the mountaintop consciousness one has a vision, visions of accomplished dreams – “Without vision the people perish.”   To guarantee the manifestation of your dream get the Miracle SuperMIND Diet Manifestation Formula now.

“From the Lowlands to the Mountaintop of Accomplished Dreams” is a set of   5-MP3's designed to guide you in the manifestation of your dreams.    It helps you Identify and break the chains of deep rooted conditions that bind you, keep you from your good and keep your good from you.   It engages an age old biblical method to free the mind and life of unwanted conditions.    It takes you by the hand and walks you through the process.    The words and

music are developed and ideally suited – divinely timed  for you, especially  at the beginning of a new year, when change is the mantra of hope, a beacon of light…. GET IT NOW, IF NOT NOW?


Can you and will you allow yourself to live the roller coaster life of

non-accomplished dreams another year?  


No, No, No, let’s get going right now.



We must take the right actions and

make positive changes to become all we can be and want to





Most great achievers point to the spiritual element in contributing to their achievements.  Carl Jung called it “Peak Performance,” Edison,  Emerson, W. Clement Stone, Napolean Hill, Einstein; all espoused the distinct awareness of a force or power that they tapped into for guidance and answers.   Ernest Holmes, a great spiritual leader, contents that without the awareness of the spiritual in the manifestation process it is much more difficult, hence when our mental thoughts are held jointly with the soul, a power force is formed that cannot be broken.   


The mind, body, spirit concept is well researched and its contribution to the development of the human psyche is known and embraced.    Living from the higher consciousness, the mountaintop, is to live with integrity of who and what we truly are.   We are more than mere human with a mind and body; we are human and divine, with a mind, body and spirit.   We live from the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious levels of being.   Just as we cannot ignore the mind or body as integral parts of our being, neither can we ignore the spiritual.  The mind and spirit work to anchor our goals and dreams to become manifested realities in our lives. 


As we reprogram our subconscious mind, which is our silent ruler, our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes change which in turn make a lasting impact on the soul or spirit.   It is the spirit that carries us in times of great challenges.  This is why a daily practice of meditation is so important to experience balance, harmony and success in life.   Remember, prayer is when you talk to God and meditation is when you listen to God, for God’s guidance and support. 

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,”   Another way of saying this is, “As you change and renew your mind you will experience transformation.”  To renew your mind you change the thoughts you think, giving up the lesser for the greater.   Change the thoughts you hold in mind constantly and your life will change.  As the old adage points out, you cannot keep holding the same old thoughts and expect new things to happen to and for you.   The creative energy of the universe expresses through you, hence if change is to happen for you it must come through you, others can help and support you, but you must do the work.


You are the outlet through which the Creative Intelligence

of the universe flows. 

What will you create – a mountain or a mole hill?   


You decide…




Begin the process of change, to be all you want to be,

do all you want to do and have all you want to have.    It is all

possible, waiting on you to flick the switch, turn on the light. 

The time of reckoning has come; it is now time for you.

What food thoughts are in your SuperMIND Diets?  What do you believe? 


First, believe that there is a Creative Intelligence in the Universe that keeps the sun, moon and stars in their place, on their course, functioning perfectly and purposefully.   This creative intelligence can also support you.  Secondly,  believe in yourself, that you are a creative and intelligent,  capable of accomplishing great things to make great contributions to humankind. 


Believe you are capable.  Believe you are strong.  Believe you are courageous.  Believe you are powerful.  Believe you are an accomplisher who will accomplish

great things.  Visualize the good you want in your life at all times, not the things

you don’t want.  Remember you have the power to create your own heaven or hell by the thoughts you chose to think.   Create your reality, the real life you want, the GOOD life.  SuperMIND DIETS and the SuperMIND MENU Programs are guaranteed to take you to the heights of accomplishment in manifesting your dreams and desires.   Get it now, do this for yourself for this New Year.  Make this the year you commit to accomplish your dreams.  


If not now when, tomorrow may be too late, don’t take a chance on your life and sit by as your dreams pass you by.  



SuperMIND DIETS is the prescription for building your mind

and manifesting your destiny.  THE TIME IS NOW, DO IT NOW, IF NOT NOW

As you keep soaring upward in the accomplishment of your dreams, you are

never alone, we are always here to support and help you in your learning and

growing.   “Credo of Riches and Honor” and “I am God’s Power Outlet are

two of the other programs designed for you, to help

you as you climb the ladder of  success.    These programs are designed as

powerful tools to help you walk your talk and live your dream.  They are

written in the language of  masters, that you must master to gain full mastery

over your life and the conditions of your life.  


(Make sure to work through SuperMIND Dietss before you begin

“Credo for Riches and Honor” and “I am God’s Power Outlet”).