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SpiritPsyche Transformative Healing Program™


You have taken the first step in 
changing your life! 

If you desire changes in your life, to be, do and have all you want; if conditions keep re-occurring in your life; if you are feeling sick and tired, hopeless stuck and despondent then SpiritPsyche Transformative Healing Program™is for you.


This multi-faceted approach to healing the whole person at the mind, body and spirit levels is timely, an approach whose time has come.


The Physical and Mental conditions that impede life and health, happiness and success will be targeted for permanent healing.


Internal and external conditions will be assessed and eradicated to bring about physical and mental healing.


  • Causative factors of negative conditions will be identified and rooted out.

  • Train the mind to develop new thought patterns to see the good desired.

  • Stubborn re-occurring conditions will be resolved, their needs scrutinized.



Now is the time to achieve the better life – the healthy, happy, prosperous and successful life.

If not now, when?     






Component 1 – Healing Component          $ 6,000.00

Component 2 – Success Manifestation     $ 4,000.00

    Total:                                                                    $10,000.00


DISCOUNT of  $1,000.00                 

for combined components                         - $ 1,000.00

   Total with Discount:                                 $ 9,000.00




Note:   The program is intended for only serious, committed participants who are desirous of real change in their physical, mental, spiritual and economic conditions.




We know how important this program will be to change your life, so we have various Payment Options Available.  For more information, please contact our office.