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SpiritPsyche Transformative Healing Program™


Your SpiritPsyche Transformative Healing Program

is a multi-faceted approach

to healing the whole person at all levels of being

– Spirit, Mind, Body

or Conscious, Sub-Conscious, Super-Conscious.

SpiritPsyche Transformative Healing Program™ is divided into two distinct components:


COMPONENT 1:   Focuses on healing the body and mind. Mental, spiritual and metaphysical techniques are combined to assess and treat conditions of the body to bring about healing.


COMPONENT 2:   Mental and Psychological techniques are used to identify and eradicate the negative programming that impedes self growth and success. The aim is to equip one with self mastery to manifest desired goals and dreams, easily.

Spiritual, Metaphysical and Psychological approaches are incorporated to transform conditions of the mind and body and bring about complete healing.


Trauma Resolution techniques are used to help access and eradicate stubborn Re-occurring conditions.

Your mind is the controller of your life and its resulting conditions of body and affairs. The conscious mind makes the decisions and gives them to the sub-conscious mind to carry out. Every thought and feeling planted in the sub-conscious mind must bear fruit; unless these thoughts and feelings are rooted up and something else planted in their place. The mental cause of conditions must be dissolved from within. Nothing comes from nothing, you must plant a seed to have fruits and vegetables, so it is with the mind, you must plant a thought to have a result. You already have the master key – your mind, to bring about whatever you want in your life. The problem is using that key in the right way to have what is desired, not the undesirables.

Ms. Reid is the developer of SpiritPsyche Transformative Therapy™.

Her many years of training, experience and service in varying fields ideally qualifies her work in the spiritual and psychological domains.


  • A Metaphysical Truth Practitioner for over 40 years

  • She holds a Masters Degree as a Clinical Social Worker

  • A Bachelors degree with majors in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

  • An AA-honors degree in Psychology

  • A CPP certification in addiction prevention and treatment

  • She headed prayer Ministries and lead Master Mind Prayer groups since 1986.

  • She is a licensed Inter-faith Minister and also studied extensively towards the Licensed Unity Teacher program

  • Studied the works of Emerson, Emmet Fox, Joel Goldsmith, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Ernest Holmes , Bob Procter, Og Mandino, to name a few.

  • A practicising Psychotherapist and trauma resolution specialist with adults and children for over 15-years.

  • Life Coach, Workshop Presenter and Motivator to adults and children

  • Founder Transformers International Youth Development agency and PhilMar Foundation for Purposeful Living

  • Author of 3-books “Anchor in the Spirit as God Beings – More than Mere Human; “One Diverse Universe” Children’s book addressing multi-cultural diversity and ”How to Bullyproof Your Child.”

SpiritPsyche Transformative Healing Program™ is in-depth work for those serious about addressing and overcoming conditions that restrict their health, happiness and prosperity.


It requires committed participation and readiness to engage fully to have desired results.


This type of work surpasses regular therapy in intensity and length of time required for individual service; hence fees cannot be session-based.


SpiritPsyche Transformative Healing Program™ will help you use the key in the rightway. It will mean that the causative factors of negative conditions be rooted up and the right thought seeds planted. 


First, the right answers must be identified; this is where SpiritPsyche’s effectiveness with knowledge, techniques and skills will be able to help you. New thought patterns to complement the desired goals must be developed, therefore there must be the willingness to let go the lesser for the greater. Here, the need for manifesting conditions must be scrutinized, yes, there is always a need or else the condition would not be there; be willing to release the need, whatever it is.



Here is a word that stirs up conflicting emotions, from mild to severe. The simple truth is that if we want change in any facet of life, we must change the current situation for something else. We cannot hold on to the same old things and expect something else to come forth. If we are hungry we must eat, if we are tired we must rest, if we are sick we must identify the cause of the illness and change it. Conditions that keep us stuck, frustrated, depressed, sick and broke require our immediate attention. The choice is ours, to change or not to change.   Some changes require tenacity and will power, just ask the person stricken with bronchitis who is grasping for air.


To live happier, healthier more fulfilling lives, we must give up that which no longer serves our highest and best and take hold of the things that will produce that which we desire.


To be, do and have what we want, we must be willing to change, make changes. Now is the time to get rid of the conditions that negatively impact our body, mind, spirit, life and affairs. Each and everyone deserve success and fulfilled lives. The time for change is now, not yesterday or tomorrow.     If it’s to be it is up to you and me.



Don’t delay.

Length of Program


Because each person is an individual, a specific time frame cannot be given for the program. The time it takes to work with one condition based on intensity and severity, will differ in case from one person to the other. Also, availability of time will differ from one person to the other, in general as well as in emergency situations. Time and frequency will be addressed with each person and agreed to before commencement of the service. Based on past experience, on a 1x per week basis, the health/healing component takes 3-4 months and it usually takes longer that the manifestation component.  The manifestation component usually takes 2-3 months.   





Cost of the health component is $6,000.00


Cost of the Goal Manifestation component is $4,000.00


Discount of $1,000.00 is given if both components are contracted.


Formatted for tele-coaching sessions as well.

Note: After 1-month of service either party may discontinue the work if the client is not satisfied and if the trainer finds the client uncommitted to achieve success in the program.



If you desire changes in your life,

if conditions keep reoccurring in your life;

if you are feeling frustrated, hopeless,

stuck and despondent,

SpiritPsyche Transforming Healing Program™

might be the answer you seek

for satisfying outcomes.  


Reach for the better life...