Living in the Ease and Flow of Life

Young and old are forced to seek a way to counteract today’s lifestyle of stress, anxiety, fear and struggle. For adults the workplace is the main contributor to their woes. For children it is the school environment and its unending workload that seems to leave them very little free time for relaxation. The stress and struggle increase when more time is needed to seek and engage in methods to alleviate the conditions.

Stressful parents raise stressful children in an environment of chaos and confusion. Parents must first work on themselves to impact and improve the home environment for everyone. It is well worth the while for everyone to live a stress and struggle free life. The home will be better, the workplace will be better, school will be better and everyone will be less stressed and more blessed.

Getting in the ease and flow of life will automatically reduce the stress and struggles. So the question then becomes how to enter in the ease and flow of life. Some of the methods sought and used to alleviate stress, are the said same used to get us in the ease and flow of life. This explains why stress reduction practices such as meditation yoga, spirituality and exercise have gained immense popularity in recent times. Living a calm peaceful life impacts and contributes positively to most aspects of life, in mind, body and spirit.

We unify the mind, body and spirit to live harmoniously. Ease is the way of spirit while struggling is of the human will. In the ease and flow we embrace life in its myriads of forms and forego the tendency to fear, panic and resist the changes life brings. To live in the flow of life, we must recognize everything as life, for all is life and life is good. The giver of life is God, so to place God first in all our doings is to anchor us in the faith and courage we need to be calm. The assurance is given that in the midst of the storm there is peace, if we acknowledge it. The universe is the body of God and God is spirit therefore in its true essence the universe is spiritual.

There is nothing too great or small for us to do when we remain calm and focused. We are taught that “With God all things are possible,” not some things but all things. To put God first means we dwell in a conscious awareness of the ever present guidance and support of an all mighty force. As we trust and go forth calling on the guidance of God/Spirit, we are comforted and peace and calm become evident in our life sand affairs.

To live in the ease and flow of life, without stress and struggle, we look beyond struggles and focus on the good we want, this brings us peace. We act in confidence remaining steadfast expecting good to manifest in our life. To live without struggle, we live centered in the awareness of God the source of wisdom, power, knowledge, love, creativity, abundance and all good, to guide and direct our life. We claim that which we seek, if we are weak we claim strength, if sick we claim wholeness and health, if we lack anything we claim God’s abundant wealth and substance to provide our every need. We “fear not” and trust a lot. We trust in the goodness of God, we know that God never fails and will never forsake us. This is living in the ease of life as we see, seek and embrace the unlimited good all around us. We let go fear, we look away from struggle and strife and focus on the good everywhere, the good we want in our life. By the way, another name for God is Good – God the Good everywhere. May all your dreams and desires be manifested in 2016, go for it.

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