Transforming Life - Letting Go To Climb Higher

It is the right time to talk about transformation, a New Year with the endless cries of resolutions to change. From career change, to job change, to body weight and size change, to health change, relationship and marriage, all changes. Transformation means change, to have that which we want, or to let go of what we don’t want. Change is the seed of life, to have or be something else we must change. To fear or loathe change is to become fixed or stuck.

Real change begins with a change in our way of thinking, feeling and believing that result in a change of actions. Change can be uncomfortable or downright painful, but so too are the conditions that bind us. For the addict going through rehabilitation change is hell; but also hellish is living the daily conditions of addiction. So to have transformation we must face the fears and go through the changes, to grow to our higher levels.

To begin the process of change we must acknowledge, accept and integrate the “shadow

aspects” of our self, coupled with the good. Full integration will bring experiences that can be called, “dark nights of the soul,” experiences that cause us to “come up higher in our consciousness.”

Difficulties and challenges are a normal part of change and should not be feared as bad or evil. To experience the growth and accomplishment that follow healing of conditions, we must grow through the challenges change present. To bring about change we must, at times, let go of the good we hold onto to climb higher. These are the good that bind us in our comfort zones, the good we rationalize that become our holding patterns. In the difficult economic conditions that impact career and growth today, stress, anxiety and fear fuel lifestyles impacting the lives of many. So often I see career professionals steeped in the discomfort of low income and unsatisfactory working conditions, but are held stuck, bound to the pay check. Implanting the idea to one that letting go of the job might open up opportunities for something better was a hard sell. To another bound with an unaffordable high mortgage, explaining that letting go of that house could offer peace of mind and a better quality of life, was difficult to accept.

In the final analysis, both clients did just as suggested, quit the job and sell the house and experienced joy, satisfaction, peace of mind and improved quality of life. They are both moving ahead fulfilling their life’s dreams of self employment, and freedom from the tyranny of the high mortgage, living more peaceful and satisfied lives. They both had to make the tough decision to let go of the “security” of job and home; securities that had them stuck in anxiety, fear and unhappiness.

A large part of transforming life and the conditions of life is to develop a spiritual awareness and practice. It does not have to be rigid and prolonged, but simple actions such as ten minutes of daily meditation, contemplation and reading of life affirming positive materials that offer encouragement, hope and support. We are counseled to be “Transformed by the renewing of our minds.” To transform our mind is to change our mind feeding it with the positive, optimistic, knowledge, feelings and actions that bring about good changes.

To live life without struggle we must trust that there is good awaiting us and vision that good. We set goals and intentions that bring about the changes we want. We see and feel the desired goals manifested. We do everything trusting and believing that good will come. We release the fears and go forth believing we can. We seek support from like minded family members, friends, mastermind and prayer partners and other associations. The way out of struggle is in, in the higher realm of consciousness, spiritual consciousness. We let go of that which we fear and forward trust in divine guidance to lead us, govern us and lift us into higher.

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