The Freedom To Be Free

Talk to persons in jail, or in a country that restricts freedom to its citizens and you will quickly understand the real meaning of freedom. In this great country of ours freedom is often taken from granted. There are physical conditions that take away ones sense of being free, but perhaps the greatest loss of freedom is caused by the self imposed conditions of fear, lack, limitation and separation we place on ourselves.

We are taught that thoughts are things, so to think thoughts of freedom even in conditions of imprisonment will lead to freedom. We see this in the life of Victor Frankl . The late Reggae artist, Bob Marley, extol us to “Emancipate yourself from mental slaver, none but ourselves can free our mind.” If one thinks and feels limited bounded and deprived in his mind, then rest assured these conditions will show up in the conditions of his life.

The economic condition of today is breeding a mass culture of anxiety, fear, panic, confusion, lack and concern. When hard working people are being evicted from their homes, when bills are piling up, when there is barely enough to buy food for the family, it is easy to get discouraged, fearful and concerned. When the materials things of life are eroding we have to hold onto something. That something is the Spirit, God, A Higher Power or whatever one chooses to call it.

Spiritual thinking is thinking outside the box. Freedom is thinking and looking outside the walls of bondage and limitation. Look past the limiting conditions and visualize the conditions we want in our lives. Freedom to be free exists in our minds. We cannot give in to the thoughts of doom and gloom and conditions of lack and limitation that we hear and see all around us today. The greatest fear is fear itself. When we are fearful our mental capacity diminishes. Conditions of fear cloud the mind and we are unable to see beyond the object we fear.

Take control, move beyond thoughts and conditions of fear, problems, lack and worry. Hold your head high above the conditions at hand and see the possibilities of good ahead. Look away from the problems and see the good you want. “Cast your net on the other side,” from the empty side to the side of possibility, hope and abundant good. Do not be overwhelmed by today’s economic woes. As a country, world and people we have been in similar conditions and have overcome them, we can do it again. Take courage, have Faith, stand firm and know “THIS TOO SHALL PASS, IT CAME TO PASS.” IT WILL.

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