Spring, The Season of Transformation and Rebirth

Step outdoors and you know spring is in the air. The feeling of aliveness that permeates the air is seen, heard and felt. In tropical Florida we know it is spring as we feel the strong March wind caressing our face and body and the sun re-freshingly cool enveloping us. We see the trees swaying to and fro; we hear the birds’ incessant sweet singing; butterflies are perching on flower tops then soaring higher and higher. In other climates the dawn of spring might be even more evident.

While living in the North I was always amazed at the nature’s precision in the change of seasons... On March 19th the temperature could be wintry cold and gloomy but the next day, the first day of spring, it would be seasonally warm, sunny and bright In the quiet of winter much takes place in preparation for rebirth in the spring. Beneath snow covered grounds the seeds and roots of plants are waiting to spring forth in bloom, and to bear. Animals resting in hibernation are ready to hunt and gather for food and find mates. In the stillness of rest eggs hatch bringing forth new life. From cocoons caterpillars become soaring butterflies, embryos become babies.

The hills and valleys flourish with fresh coats of green leaves as the promise of abundance looms in the seeds and clusters of crops. Hope for transformation in the days and months ahead, uplifts the hearts and minds of growers and gatherers, traders and consumers; animals and insects; hope springs alive.

As human we can learn from the lesson of productivity in periods of rest reflected in nature... After the excesses and stresses of the holiday periods, some are forced into rest or hibernation from over activity and over spending, to recuperate in time to burst forth in gladness in spring. Perhaps the Lenten season was contrived at this time of the year to afford us that period of rest. Lent begins mid winter and culminates in spring. In essence, Lent is considered to be a 40-day period of rest or fasting from negative conditions, to enable us to experience a feeling of upliftment, renewal and restoration by the end of the period. Wisdom gained during the abstinence from negative thoughts, beliefs and actions, coupled with the quietness and stillness of prayer and meditation, give rise to the feelings of peace, joy and resurrection of hope felt at the end of Lenten period.

Seeds planted in goals and dreams at the beginning of the year have strengthened and sprouted roots in the focus gained during Lent. . We should be encouraged as we witness new growths that will transform our visions into reality. Like the butterflies at spring- time, let us continue to soar onward and upward, peacefully and joyously, as we go forward in pursuit of our goals and dreams.

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