Heeding Nature's Call


The birds are calling, “Come sing with me,” butterflies are daring, “come dance with me,” the breeze is swaying, “come play with me,” flowers are showing their array of beauty,”come look at me.” The beauty, peace and healing nature of nature is evident at all times, but perhaps more so at springtime.

This could be that spring follows the dark, cold, gloom of winter, with its lavish abundance of life and beauty in every form. From colorful hues of clothes, to bright array of flowers, to greens and yellows of every shade, beauty is evident, everywhere.

It is known that the tendency to isolate indoors, avoiding interaction and outdoor life, is one of the signs and symptoms of depression. It is also accepted that “shut-ins” tend to be sad and depressed. Even with all the pollution in our atmosphere today, especially in developed and overcrowded cities, outdoors in nature provides a healing balance At the first sign of spring and summer, just watching children and pets play outdoors becomes a healing balm, bringing peals of laughter to the participants and tears of joy to observers . Scientifically it is known that nature abhors a vacuum, perhaps we should also add that nature abhors sadness.

What is the message in all of this, you may be asking. It is the invitation to go outdoors and enjoy nature more. It is a healing potion of tranquility, love, beauty, peace, joy and it is all free. For those of us who love gardening, we know the overwhelming feelings of peace, joy and contentment gained from an hour in the garden. To be with the plants, bees, butterflies and other insects; to nourish and watch plants, flowers and vegetables grow; to hear birds singing at an arms length, there is no greater joy, no better medicine.

As we continue our journey of attaining and returning to peace, let us find the time for a quiet walk in the park, or maybe just sitting on a porch or step, breathing and enjoying the gifts of nature, the sights, sounds, beauty, peace and freedom, and maybe yes, even each other.

Spring forth into spring, Enjoy!

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