Tips to Propel Us Inward and Upward

MAKE IT GREAT IN 2013. Make effective changes that Last the whole year It becomes habitual and easy to make New Year resolutions as the New Year approaches. Having new goals and desires are wonderful and should not be followed by the frustrations of broken or unfulfilled dreams. To have effective changes we must remember that change takes place from within out, not from outside in. So to make goals and resolutions because everyone is doing it at this time and it becomes the thing to do is reason enough for their failure.

Making change from the inside out:

1) Find a quiet spot and go apart, by yourself, for a while.

2) Take several deep breaths and become calm, relaxing both mind and

3) Focus your attention inward and become quiet. If incessant thoughts race by continue to breathe deeply and allow them to pass by.

4) As you become quiet and relaxed allow a snapshot of your life at this moment to pass by. Identify the areas in which you are happy. Then identify the areas in which you want change.

5) On a sheet of paper write down in order of importance or priority to you, the changes you want to make.

6) If the list is very long, you may choose to focus on the most important three or four goals first. Clarify each goal, its importance to you and how it will impact your life when accomplished. List the steps you will need to take to bring the goal into manifestation, (esources to tap into, people to ask for help, new habits to form, actions too.

7) Do this for each goal and set a completion date for each one.

8) Write a positive statement, or affirmation, for each goal. Feel the feelings you will have when the goal manifests.

Transfer the statements to individual 4 x5 cards to be carried with you. Memorize the words. Several times per day read aloud the statements on the cards and give thanks that they are manifesting in your life now.

Continue this daily and nightly until it becomes a meaningful, focused habit. If you remain truthful to and focused on your goals you will have the changes you desire in your life.

---DESIRE…Great discoveries begin with a desire, a deep desire to know. A deep desire is to desire with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength.


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