About Phyllis

She also holds a Bachelor of Divinity as an Interfaith Minister and is a practicising Metaphysical / Truth Practitioner for over thirty-years.  As a motivational speaker, often referred to as the "Heart Talker", she touches the heart and soul with her soothing and penetrating voice, ease and simplicity of presentation and her engaging manner.  Her presentations are inspiring, impacting and unforgettable.
Ms. Reid is very passionate about the plight of youths and in 1989 she founded Transform Magazine and Transformers International to support and empower youths.
Ms. Reid is the author and publisher of the book "Anchor in the Spirit as God Beings - More than Mere Human", the children's books "One Diverse Universe" and "How To Bullyproof Your Child", a 2-disc CD - "The Climb to Success", and a line of inspirational posters that include "Credo for Riches and Honor", "God's Power Outlet", and "Credo of Accomplishment.
Ms. Reid is available to give presentations to adults and youth covering spiritual, corporate and youth development areas.
Phyllis Reid is a practicing metaphysical Truth practitioner for many decades.  She is the Author of 3 books and develops programs for adults and children.  She is an experienced Motivational Speaker and an ordained inter-faith minister. 
Phyllis Reid is the Founder and President of Philmar Foundation for Purposeful Living.  She holds a Master's Degree as a Clinical Social Worker and degrees in Psychology and Behavioral Science.  She works as a Psychotherapist, Behavior Modification Specialist and Traumatologist with adults and children.  She is a Certified Addictions Prevention Professional.  She is also trained and has worked in Journalism and Dramatic Arts including work on stage and in film.  With an early career in advertising, marketing and sales, Ms. Reid studied the works of top motivational speakers like Norman Vincent Peale, Bob Proctor and Og Mandino, to name a few.