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How To

Bullyproof Your Child


This Book is a Blessing 
Peace ~ Understanding ~ Healing 


This manual is developed with the emphasis on parents and the home environment. This is done because parents are their children’s first teachers, and the home the first learning environment. Young children are like little sponges, they soak up conditions in the home. They learn what they live, and live what they learn.  The child who lives with verbal or physical abuse will become violent, aggressive, abusive, and quite likely bully others.


  • Teach children self regulating skills to calm their emotions when angry or upset.

  • Teach them to respect themselves, others and other’s property.

  • Teach them to be kind to others and treat others as they would like to be treated.

  • Teach them the hurt and harm of bullying others.


Bullies come from homes and have parents too.  In many instances parents are bullies and their children pattern their behaviors. Parents of bullies can help their children unlearn the lessons and reverse the negative programming that impacted their lives and made bullies of them. 


To prevent a child from becoming a bully is a key part of bullyproofing children. Current reports and statistics have confirmed that preventing bullying far outweighs the negative impacts and consequences bullying has on individuals, families and communities.  It is incumbent on parents to bullyproof their children; to give them the tools to help keep them safe and confident to pursue and live healthy, happy, productive lives.  Give them an early start – a nurturing home environment with care, support, security and love.  This will help them build resilience to effectively cope and adjust to age appropriate conditions in their developmental years and beyond. 



“How to Bullyproof your Child” is available from Amazon.com in E-book- Kindle format. Or, from PhilMar Foundation for Purposeful Living



How To Bullyproof Your Child