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God's Power Outlet


You have taken the first step in 
changing your life! 

Go Light Your World 


YOU HAVE DONE IT ALL, YET SUCCESS ELUDES YOU. Then it is time to –“COME UP HIGHER,” – to step up and stand in your higher spiritual self  - your Divine God self and let it lead and guide you in your human endeavors.




  • Give you the tools to see, know and accept yourself as a CONDUIT orchannel of the Dynamic Universal Force and Power we call God.

  • KNOW yourself - as a Divine being.  As a spiritual being YOU ARE A CHANNEL OF GOD/GOOD.   REPROGRAM your mind, conscious and sub-conscious with the truth – you are a channel through which God’s wisdom, creativity, intelligence, substance and unlimited good flow in abundance to mankind and the world.  

  • GUIDE you to live at the higher consciousness with the thoughts and beliefs that propel the actions that befit this higher being.  

  • GIVE you the materials presented for ease and comfort to transform your life, as you:

  • OPEN UP YOURSELF; believe in God individualized in you.

  • BE THE GOOD YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.  GIVE GOOD, SHARE GOOD, feel and act good.  HAVE COMPASSION.  Give unconditional love.

  • YOU are a Light to the world.  GO LIGHT YOUR WORLD.


I am God’s Power Outlet” is also available

in full purple - colored posters to

be posted in key positions in the

home or office, to act as triggers

as you go through and grow through

to higher stages of accomplishments.



           If it is to be...      

           it is up to you!