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God's Power Outlet


Perhaps, like so many, you have done it all; all you were taught and encouraged to do, worked on yourself, employed methods to improve your mind, let go of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, reprogrammed your mind with positive affirmations, improved your thoughts and beliefs and engaged your will. Yet success eludes you.


Our consciously living at this higher consciousness requires the thoughts and beliefs that propel the actions that befit this higher being.




So here are the thoughts, words,beliefs and attitudes to utilize to be all that you want to be, do all you want to do and have all you want to have, as a channel of God; through which the goodness of God flows.

Then it is time to come up higher. You see, in the image and likeness of God, you are more than a mere human being; you are first and foremost a spiritual being. That is, you are more than a two dimensional mind and body – you are also spirit, a three dimensional being. So, to come up higher, you must see yourself as the Divine Spiritual being you are and tap into your higher spiritual powers to support and guide you in and through your human endeavors.

To do this, you must see, know and accept yourself, your higher self, as a conduit or channel of the magnificent universal force and power, the force and power we call God, Spirit, Higher Power, Divine Master.


Like the electric line is a conduit or outlet for the electric current to flow through to power our world, so too are you God’s power outlet. As a spiritual being this is who and what you are – a channel of God.

As you acknowledge and affirm these Truths, morning and night, visualize yourself as a strong, powerful outlet, plugged into God Power. You are God’s Power Outlet, a conduit through which God Power flows as Good to the world and everyone and everything that dwell therein.


Change OPEN UP YOURSELF, believe in God individualized as you.


STAND TALL AND FIRM, keep your eyes focused on good.

You are God’s power outlet,

a channel through which God’s

wisdom, creativity, intelligence, substance and unlimited good

flow in abundance to mankind

and His world.





Give good -

good and kind words;

share your good

with others;

think, feel and act good.

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“I am God’s Power Outlet” is also available in beautiful full purple (power) colored posters, laminated for framing. Post them in key positions in your home and office, to act as triggers as you conduct t your business, going and growing through to your higher stages of accomplishments.



In the likeness of The Great One give unconditional love to all you meet. You are a conduit of good to the world, God’s Power Outlet; A Light to the world.


Go light your world.