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Credo for Riches and Honor has a life of its own.

I am forever amazed at the impact it has had on people

from the stories they tell.

It is written from the consciousness of a transformed soul.

The Spirit shines through the words and touches the mind, body

and soul, bringing forth desired good.

I recall vividly waking up most nights with portions of the

Credo playing in my soul.

During the daytime, as I hurriedly went about fulfilling endless demands, again, words and passages from the Credo

would start playing in my mind / soul.

At times I had to ask, “What is this, where do I know these words

from?” only to focus in and realize it was from Credo for Riches and Honor. The words had become a part of my subconscious, imprinting and reprogramming my soul, and would spring forth whenever guidance or direction was needed, or simply when I was in a quiet,

contemplative, meditative, receptive space, as during sleep.



Credo for Riches and Honor


 “Credo for Riches and Honor” is the final product from almost two decades

of immersion in spiritual studies, prayer and meditation.

It is the outflow from a consciousness anchored in the Spirit.

It could be called a gift from Spirit.

It became the “credo of my soul” that guided me in paths of unparallel accomplishments

during a specific period of time in my life.

Yet another miracle from “Credo for Riches and Honor” came in 1997. I was living in tunnel- vision focus studying / practicising spirituality and finishing my Masters degree. I hardly had time to work to support myself. Lifting my head out of the books one day I realized my rent, on my Biscayne Bay apartment, was due and I had not the money to pay it. As usual I prayed and shortly after the call came. It was from a man in Fort Lauderdale who informed me that he saw a copy of Credo for Riches and Honor somewhere. He thought it was “Out of this world” and he must have it. We talked and he said that he was so impressed by it he wanted to share it with the world. He asked if I would mind if he marketed it. I told him it was copyrighted, but gave him my permission to market it. He agreed to come to Miami to see me the next morning. He came, bought over two hundred copies of Credo for Riches and Honor and handed me enough cash which I used to pay my rent later that day.NOW,

To realize your dreams and desires, your conscious mind implants your thoughts / desires in your subconscious mind – your feelings. This is the miracle of manifestation – engaging and enjoining your thoughts and feelings. Full feeling brings fulfillment, your desires must be fully felt to deeply impact your subconscious, at which point the manifestation becomes visible. This is what Credo for Riches and Honor does, the thoughts are so deeply felt they impress the subconscious and it in turn expresses that which is impressed upon it.

Credo for Riches and Honor was published in 1988 in 16x20 print format. With very little promotion and distribution, hundreds of copies were sold within a short time. I was studying for a graduate degree at the time and sales from Credo for Riches and Honor became a channel of financial support for me. Whenever I would pray for financial supply, calls would come at midnight from the West Coast, as well as from other areas, for order of the print. The cap was a call from Argentina one evening, from a gentleman who said he saw a copy of Credo for Riches and Honor in his lawyer’s office in Argentina and wrote down my number from the back. He “must have a copy” he said. He decided he would fly into Miami one Saturday to meet with me to obtain a copy. We agreed to meet at a Denny’s restaurant fairly near to Miami International Airport at 11:00 o’clock on a Saturday morning. He came, acquired 3-copies of the print and then awaited his return flight to Argentina later that afternoon.


F-E-E-L the conditions you wish to realize in your life.  Live and act on the feeling and you will have miraculous outcomes.   Ponder and feel the thoughts expressed in Credo for Riches and Honor, until the ones personal to you, impress your subconscious mind and bring about transformation in your life.   Do this repeatedly and you are guaranteed the results you want in your life.  It is that simple, this is why Credo for Riches and Honor has been so effective for so many.  


Prove it for yourself; what do you have to lose but unfulfilled dreams. 



Make this your gift to yourself for the New Year!


If Not Now, When?  


DO IT NOW and see the changes it will make in your life for the better.


“Credo for Riches and Honor” can help you manifest your dreams. Luckily for you, it is available on recorded audio file download for ease of use. This allows you to listen to it several times per day, especially upon awakening and before going to bed at night. This, along with the large poster positioned in key places in your home and or office, will work to reprogram your mind and bring forth quicker transformation and manifestations. “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Transformation of thoughts and feelings is the key here, you cannot have a new recording done over an old tape, the result would be just a muffled, jumbled sound. Your job is to first clear your mind of the old debris that clutter it, then acquire a new feeling, with new thoughts and beliefs. This is why you must first work with “From the Lowlands” program to release unwanted conditions from your mind before you can be ready to soar in the consciousness of the newly acquired feelings that will bring you success.


Are you ready for the climb from the lowlands to the mountain top,

or from the struggles of life to accomplishment

and fulfillment of your dreams?


Then, Credo for Riches and Honor is for you; it is ready and waiting to impact your life as it did mine and so many others. The testimonials are there guaranteeing the positive results for you, once you commit to using it two or more times per day to impact and transform your thoughts and feelings.   Quoting Thomas Edison, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it,” you must put the ideas in Credo for Riches and Honor to use, to experience its value in transforming your mind and life. Then, to re-phrase Napoleon Hill, you alone have the power to transform your thoughts into physical reality, the reality that is yours and yours alone.





The Tool For Change


Credo for Riches and Honor

is prepared and ready for you....


Use it...


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The time for you is now!


If not now, when?


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