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The 7-Day SuperMIND Menu Program


The mental diets we consume during our waking moments continue to feed our mind and body in the waking and sleeping moments.   The thought foods we feed our mind clothe our body and all our affairs.  Our mental diet, the thought we hold coupled with the accompanying feelings saturate our life, affairs and surroundings.  Every phase of our life is conditioned and colored by the thoughts we think and the feelings we hold.


Our mental programming is far more impacting

to the mind, body, spirit

functioning that the food we feed our body alone.




Thoughts are things and they become the embodiment

and outer manifestation of the dreams and conditions

we hold in mind.   They produce in likeness to that

which is held, so it can be said that our thoughts

are the real food we feed on.

Your emotions, feelings or moods color EVERYTHING,

so if your mood is sad and gloomy,

so will your life be.

Think good and feel good and you will

bring forth good more quickly.

The SuperMIND Menu Program is designed to give you the right tools to help you build and rebuild the right mental / physical / spiritual functioning for success.   You will be guided to the right thoughts to think and actions to take on a daily basis, to manifest good in your life.   Through focus and visioning, you will be guided to build states and conditions for health, happiness and success.   


Just as we color-code things for easy reference in our daily lives, each day of the SuperMIND Menu Program is color-coded to help you form easy associations for easy memory.  We will eradicate negative thinking and the feelings and habits that accompany them and replace them with positive optimistic thought and habit patterns.

The purpose of the SuperMIND Menu Program is to help you retrain your mind and thinking, to make thought selection and thought control become a habit.   You must be in control of your thought, thinking and feeling to be in control of your life.     


CHANGE is crucial, CHANGE is inevitable if you if want growth and success.   Form a new habit of thought, to make successful changes in your life. If you renew your mind your life must change – be transformed.

Our thoughts and feelings of the past shape our life and show up as conditionsin our future; therefore our life today is a good depiction of our previous thoughts. We must think and choose wisely today to have the conditions we want in the future, as our thought diet is guaranteed to manifest.


Change your thoughts to change your life and the conditions of your life. The negative mental programs that are constantly on auto pilot running your life must be changed if you desire better. The SuperMIND Menu program identifies the major negative thoughts and patterns that must be eradicated and be replaced by the more positive ones given. Just as we eat foods to improve our physical body we must think better thoughts to improve our mind.

A New Thought Pattern


A New Thought Pattern will be the turning point of your life,

to create the good life you want.  


Habits of thinking and patterns of being are hard to break, but with the SuperMIND Menu you can begin the New Year off

on the right footing.




Begin to change your life and the conditions of your life today.


Remember, if you do not make a change, your life will remain the same.


Begin NOW


If it’s to be...      

             It’s up to you!




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